Salon, Tanning, Spa & Fitness Center: What We Offer

At HL Brownstone in Bogalusa, my mission is to enhance one’s mental and physical aspects by providing the opportunity for lifestyle changes, surrounded by a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

We have several different classes and programs focused on losing weight, and our trainers, along with fitness and health coaches teach nutrition and motivation, acknowledging process at every step. For anyone who completes our training programs and loses over 100 pounds, they are granted lifetime memberships. We also offer other incentives for our members, including free memberships, and more—ask our staff for more details.

HL Brownstone offers a salon, spa, and tanning, along with several fitness classes.

Our Mission is to enhance one’s mental and physical aspects by providing the opportunity for lifestyle changes surrounded by a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Faith and Vision In 2007, the spoken ideas and rough sketches became the reality of a longterm vision. I foresaw a facility that offers family fitness and personal enhancement for all age groups at times convenient for everyone. My passion for success and strong faith has allowed me to press through seemingly impossible conditions. HL Brownstone was established and construction began early 2008. The initials HL symbolize me, Happy Larrilyn. Brownstone reflects the image of total body from tanning to toning. We welcome your patronage and thank you in advance for contributing to the success of the professional providers and HL Brownstone.

Happy Larrilyn

FITNESS…“Altering Birthday Suits Since 2008”

Gym & Fitness Class

Includes Gym Membership & Fitness Classes
Does not include Spin Class
Spin Class is an additional $10 per month.


Per Month $29
3 Month $79
6 Month $144
12 Month $259

Family & Buddy Plan

Per Month $55
3 Month $149
6 Month $292
12 Month $450

Family (Additional $15 for 1st addition and $10 thereafter each up to 3 additional)
Buddy (No Additions allowed)

24-Hour Access Card

Per Card $15
One Time Activation Fee

Guest Pass

Member $5
Non Member $7
Fitness Class $5 and up

Guest Pass must be pre-paid and waiver must be signed prior to entering the gym.

Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach & Group Session Trainers

We offer a variety of session packages to accommodate everyone. Ask to see pricing schedule at front desk.

Motivational Fitness Events

  • Bogaloser Weight Loss Program
  • The Finger Licken’ Truth
  • Brownstone Boot Camps
  • Running Clinics
  • Fun Runs & Obstacle Courses

Bogaloser Weight Loss Program

The program is designed for those that are willing to do what it takes to get to where they want to be. We provided the tools to succeed, but it’s up to you to do the work. We have seen great success with this program. As of June 2015, total weight loss for Bogaloser programs exceeds 5,000 pounds and 1,300 inches.

You can be next!

The Finger Licken’ Truth

Health & Fitness Program Personalized

This program is designed to teach and train the what, when, why and how’s of health and fitness. We are taking PERSONAL to a new level. 60-Day program focused on what works for YOU! Learn your body, muscle make up, goal setting and basic fitness math 101. The only person you are in competition with is yourself.

General Rules

Members must be 13 and over. A parent member must accompany members under 16 but not less than 13 at all times. Anyone under the age of 13 is not allowed in Gym area. These rules are for your safety and ours. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For a complete list of rules, regulations and additional information, please contact our office.

Family Plan Includes

  • Family members 18 and under living in same household
  • Parentalconsent required for 18 and under
  • Age restrictions do apply

Buddy Plan Includes

  • Any 2 members under 1 agreement
  • Noadditions permitted
  • Parental Consent required for 18 and under
  • Age restrictions do apply

14295 Hwy 21 South Bogalusa, LA 70427
Hours: Gym is 24 hour access Smiling face Emoji Front Desk Closed: Sunday and Monday Tuesday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday: 9:00am-noon