Salon, Tanning, Spa & Fitness Center: Our Story

Faith and Vision

In 2007, the spoken ideas and rough sketches became the reality of a long-term vision. Larrilyn foresaw a facility that offers family fitness and personal enhancement for all age groups at times convenient for everyone. Her passion for success and strong faith has allowed her to press through seemingly impossible conditions. HL Brownstone was established and construction began early 2008. The initials HL symbolize “Happy Larrilyn”. Brownstone reflects the image of total body, from tanning to toning.

Owner Larrilyn Hickman founded HL Brownstone after completing her own journey of losing over 80lbs. She believes you can always do more than the day before, and to always believe in the power of you. Larrilyn used to struggle with true food addictions, using food as an emotional comfort, not unlike many people in our culture today. After a trip to Hawaii in which she exceeded the weight limit to take a helicopter ride, she began to realize she needed to make some lifestyle changes. She was ready to change and experience more out of life, and began to eat healthier and exercise.

During the months it took for her to shed the pounds, Larrilyn also realized she still wanted more. She was drawn to fitness, but felt awkward in aerobics classes and other programs offered at her gym because of the expectations she felt she had to meet regarding what a “person in the gym” should look like and wear. She understood those and many other struggles people who are trying to lose weight and get healthy face each day.

These experiences led Larrilyn to open HL Brownstone, which offers 24 hour fitness in a no pressure, highly positive environment. There are several cardio and strength training classes offered throughout the week in the evenings so you can drop by after work. A Piyo/Pilates and Yoga class recently began in March of 2016. In addition to classes, we also have a wide assortment of treadmills, stair climbers, weight machines, and open workout space for you to complete your workout independently. Larrilyn and her staff are available to answer questions and offer advice at any time—feel free to ask us anything! We welcome your patronage and thank you in advance for contributing to the success of the professional providers and HL Brownstone. To read Larrilyn’s complete story about her transformation from “fluff to buff”, click here.

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14295 Hwy 21 South Bogalusa, LA 70427
Hours: Gym is 24 hour access Smiling face Emoji Front Desk Closed: Sunday and Monday Tuesday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday: 9:00am-noon